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Art For You
With A "Twist"

Price range from two hundred dollars and up
All art work is copywrited.
These drawings all are for sale and have vivid colours, but some browsers may show them as drab and washed out. It's the browser not the drawings. If you'd like to view the drawings at the studio, please contact Elie for an appointment. (212)254-6263 or email: rareone@nyc.rr.com
Art Collectors/Fish Collectors - here you'll find for sale, a few conversation piece of underwart art. All of these unusual collages are just a few underwater art pieces that were drawn by the artist while on scuba at varies depts of the ocean, ranging from 10 ft to 50 ft. in the Caribbean. They are all one of a kind. Each painting shows a different kind of fish, sometimes within a fish. Look carefully to see the concept the artist used with a fish here and a fish there. Very unique. Some were drawn on canvas background with colored oil sticks. Some on 100% acid free paper is used for the collage and drawn with colored pencils.
A piece of this artist work is on display at the Musee of Oceanographique in Monaco. These pieces of art is available for commission.

"Twist" Get a free T-Shirt with the purchase of a print. The T-Shirts have the drawing of the prints that was created underwater on the front. [sm, med, lrg].

Title: Stone Fish
Drawn in 35 feet of water
Dive Site: Papa Dock's Habitat
Bonaire, N.A., 1988 - signed and dated

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Photo of artist by Mako Films

Title: 15 Ft
Drawn in 15 ft of water-Dive
Site: Habitat,Bonaire, N.A. 1989, signed and dated
Size: 30 x 47